Discover how a Certified B2B Exit® Advisor can help your company

We are experts in helping privately held companies prepare to be sold. We have the people, training, books, patented software and skills to help you achieve a successful exit.

Preparation is the key to a successful business exit, and a Certified B2B EXIT® Advisor will help you prepare to sell, transfer ownership, or acquire another business. They can also serve as a guide from start to finish through the complicated process.

One of the hallmarks of our firm is our complimentary and confidential Gap Diagnostic Analysis™. A business owner will know more about their business after our report is completed, delivered and explained than they know before meeting us. We contribute 8-10 hours of our own time, and there is no contract to sign or strings attached.

We do the following during our Gap Diagnostic Analysis™, which usually takes about 45 minutes of the owner’s time and 3-4 hours of the company’s staff time:

  1. Using our Gap Diagnostic Checklist™, we interview the key individuals in charge of finance and/or accounting.
  2. Look at the company’s financial information and computer systems.
  3. Benchmark the company’s financial information against industry averages using our KPI (Key Performance Indicator) software.
  4. Create a confidential report of our key conclusions to discuss with the owner.

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