Knowledge is power and control over their companies is paramount for business owners.

Owners can become extremely frustrated during the “sales process.” They often feel that outsiders are attempting to take control of the company. Additionally, as entrepreneurs, they don’t like to be talked down to or demeaned by outside professionals.

Our attitude with owners is, “This is your business and you should always be in control.”

This website, our books, software, certified training, skillsets, Exit Advisors and core values are all about sharing knowledge and helping owners keep control of their companies.

An owner recently read our proprietary book, The Exit Strategy Handbook, ten times before going through the sales process. He often sat down with one of our Exit Advisors to ask questions about the process. The owner gained knowledge to be in complete control of his company through the successful process of selling his company.

The adage, “Time kills deals,” is a dominant principle in the sale of a company. Owners can’t afford to have employees or outsiders kill their dream of a successful transaction by being late or negligent in completing important tasks.

Our proprietary and patented B2B EXIT® Software, was created for one reason – to give control over the sales process to business owners. An owner who uses our software can see the progress 24/7 from a smartphone, tablet or computer. Our software tells the owner the status of each person assigned to complete a task. It alerts the owner when a task is past due. The owner can then delegate to the Team Manager (See Success Team on this site) to discover why the task is past due and to recommend an immediate solution to the problem.

All of our books and software are in the Store on this website. Some of our books are to help owners increase cash and enterprise value prior to beginning the sales process.

We invite you to glance over our software and books. You might click on View Demo, below, and test-drive our patented software.

B2B EXIT® Software

B2B EXIT®  Software walks you through every step of the exit process. As we head for an unprecedented Baby Boomer Tsunami™, you can be ahead of the game with a strategy that includes exit software to get you through the process so you can stand out among the competition. To use the software you need to first contact a B2B CFO® partner.

“Begin with the End in Mind,” said Dr. Stephen R. Covey in his famous book, The Seven Habits of Highly Effective People. Another author, Bo Burlingham, teaches in his book, Finish Big, “Every journey ends,” and, “Now is the time to start thinking about your exit.”

The BEST Guide for Selling Your Business

The Exit Strategy Handbook will enable you to stand out as you exit your business. With millions of business owners looking for a way out over the next few years as we head for the Baby Boomer Tsunami™, make sure you stand out from the competition. The Exit Strategy Handbook is your guide for the best possible exit.

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